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Sacrava's RFA Cartoon: The Asora is called "Aa Mieng Kayeh"

Cartoon by Sacrava (on the web at

23 Dec 2006
By Chey Dara
Sralanh Khmer
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

Sok Serei, RFA’s reporter who was injured in an accident last week, asked Sam Rainsy, SRP President, to look after Kem Sos, RFA Khmer Service director, because he (Kem Sos) undertook several irregular actions.

In a statement made to Sam Rainsy in front of reporters, in Calmette hospital, on Thursday morning, when Sam Rainsy went to visit him, Sok Serei claimed that his corruption reports involving government officials that he planned on broadcasting had been prevented by Kem Sos who said that these corrupt officials are his friends and close acquaintances. Sok Serei who was seriously injured to his head, but with improving condition, said that Kem Sos should not mix up professional work with his personal feelings.

Sam Rainsy declined to comment when asked by reporters on the issue raised by this RFA reporter, he said that his visit to Sok Serei at his Calmette hospital bed was mainly because he knew Sok Serei.

Sok Serei also told Sam Rainsy in front of reporters that people are after him because of his reporting on corruptions perpetrated by government officials.

Sok Serei indicated to Sam Rainsy that on some stories, he has to oppose Kem Sos and broadcast stories involving corrupt officials. Sok Serei said that he is certain his determination to publish these stories was the cause of his accident.

Sralanh Khmer could not contact Mr. Kem Sos for clarifications regarding the criticisms raised by Sok Serei. However, an anonymous RFA reporter told Sralanh Khmer that Kem Sos bears several suspecting points.

A few years ago, Mr. Pin Samkhon was removed from his position as RFA director because he was suspected of being indulgent with several government officials and that this affected the work of RFA.


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