Monday, September 28, 2009

President of Khmer Mchas Srok Movement visits Minnesota

Dr Chak Sakhoon, President of the Khmer Machas Srok Movement
Dr. Chak Sakhonn and Mr. Sean Masavang of the Khmer Mchas Srok Movement

Monday, September 28, 2009
Source: Khmer Mchas Srok Movement

Dr. Chack Sakhonn visits Minnesota in a second times to meet her supporters and update the current situation in Cambodia and the Khmer Mchas Srok‘s policy. On September 26. 2009 at 2:00pm about 100 supporters came to listen to her emotional speech and a presentation of real tragic pictures from Cambodia.
On her speech, Dr. Sakhonn focused on the critical issues that our people and nation are facing today: illegal immigrants, borders issues with neighboring countries, land grabbing by the powerful and rich, widespread corruption, national debt, unemployment, poverty, human rights violation, bias justice system, and unfair election.

Furthermore, Dr. Sakhonn accused Vietnam of trying to control Cambodia through the CPP puppet regime. She gave an example that the so-called Triangle Development Zone which contains 20 percent of Cambodia’s size and 30 percent of natural resources of the country but has only two hundred thousand Khmer population to joint with Vietnam’s 3 provinces that has more than 6 million population as a first step toward full Indochina Federation in the future.

At the end of her speech, Dr. Sakhonn appeal to all Khmers who live outside and inside the country to use their rights and voices as the Khmer Mchas srok to demand independence, sovereignty, and eternal peace for our nation, which guaranteed by the Paris Peace Accord in 1991.

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